How It Began...

In 1998, back in Michigan, I got started by making the common layered soup and cookie recipe mixes in mason jars. I sold my first mixes at a flea market and then craft shows soon after. During the second year, it was apparent that the jars were way too heavy to lug around, could break, were costly to ship and was becoming a very common craft item.

I then began sewing and stamping my own muslin sacks and cutting red ties to close them. My husband, Dave & I came up with the name "Sack It To Ya!" from the old show "Laugh In" where they used to say "Sock it to ya, Sock it to ya!". So we made humorous cartoon labels with silly names to make them fun.


As time went by, the popularity was growing and people were purposely searching for me at craft shows to buy my mixes in the old fashioned muslin sacks. I started to get very busy as my number of items grew, so I had a friend sew and print the sacks for me. 

I moved to Georgia in 2005 and started selling my sacks at local craft shows while Dave gave out samples. 

I love making the mixes and enjoy it when people laugh from the names of the sacks. So I decided to take it a step further and created this website.

We are currently traveling in our RV so we are not planning on attending any craft shows, so I hope you will order online so I can ship them to you.  But call first, because supplies are limited while we are RVing.


Thank you so much for visiting "Sack It To Ya!". I hope you enjoy my sacks.



Mixes are produced in compliance with Georgia Department of Agriculture  Food Safety Division Cottage Food Regulation Chapter 40-7-19

ServSafe Certified from the National Restaurant Association and Food Protection Manager Certified from Gainesville State College

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